You Are What You Eat

Hi BattleBoxers,

I hope you guys have enjoyed your Saturday session with Gustavo.
He is a very experienced coach, exceptional athlete and gym owner in Rio, Brazil.
He will have a very different coaching technique to myself and the coaching team, and may even offer advice that contradicts things that I have told you.
Have an open mind, try new things. Every one of us is unique and required different stimulus, varying techniques and ideas to elicit your best performance.
This brings me nicely onto an article I have just read on the topic of functional sports nutrition. You can visit to read some really interesting articles.
As someone who has studied, experimented, succeeded and failed with my personal nutrition ambitions I found this article to be very refreshing. After my 25 years in fitness I have some strong and often controversial opinions on what is right and wrong when it comes to advising my clients in this field.
As with programming workouts all content is experimental, all individuals are unique and respond to different stimuli. That’s why CrossFit works, our programs are constantly varied in different modal domains.
Nutrition is exactly the same. Eat a wide and varied diet, full of quality, nutritious, non processed foods. Once you have achieved this you can begin adding and eliminating certain foods to see what gives you the outcome you desire, whether it be Strength, speed, bulk, less body fat etc.
Too many people are so focused on specific foods. You could be eating the right foods, but the poor quality of the meat or veg is inhibiting the correct response, preventing the results you desire.
The words to look for are: organic, free range, grass fed local produce. Ideally stay away from the big supermarkets. These are full of mass produced, max profit inducing food. Of course there are some exceptions but things like meat and chicken are often of the lowest quality.
Remember we are what we eat. If you want to perform well in the gym, look good, feel good, you need to be eating the right fuel. This does not have to be boring or expensive either. Follow @suescave on Instagram for some ideas on yummy, healthy meals.
Have a look at the website above, there is some good stuff. Remember the more you learn about this stuff the better you can manage your own health and nutrition. Ultimately the best tool you can have today is the knowledge to be able to sort through the bullshit that is written on the front of magazines and often seen on the TV.
There is no quick fix, no short cut. Health is the result of good practice done repeatedly, day after day, month after month, that optimises your time on this rock.
There is living and there is thriving. Eat well, move a lot,be happy and you will have all you need.