Nutritional Club-by member Samantha Cullen

I started coming to CrossFit Battlebox in June 2017. I had been putting on weight during the last two years, felt quite sluggish and thought that joining the Members Nutritional Club would motivate me in to losing some body fat, and to help me get into the habit of ‘clean-eating’.

I joined in November for the 5 week programme. After logging my food diary each day during this time, it was quite alarming to see the ‘wrong’ foods that I was eating.  Sue had provided us all with a very informative manual which she went through with all of us at the beginning of the course.  The information provided in the pack was useful with regards to the nutrients we need to be eating and why,  along with some recipe ideas for mealtimes. I found it really hard to stop buying a croissant and a cappuccino on my way in to work each morning, but I did ensure I made time to have organic porridge and berries then I just switched to buying a white Americano instead.

As I work in a secondary school I usually have a school lunch as well as a dinner at home in the evenings so I swapped it for a healthy salad and chicken or tuna or I take in some salmon.

As my weight started coming down and my muscles were starting to define  was really motivated to continue and looked forward to more workouts and my weigh-in. The private Nutritional Club Facebook page provides support and more recipe ideas-both from the Coach Sue and the other participants, and the weekly weigh-in sessions provides a motivating reminder to carry on and see your success week after week!

When I started the course I had already managed to lose 2.2 kg through my own dieting but had plateaued. I then lost another 4.5kg during the course, but better than this, have dropped  from 27% body fat to 22.9% body fat. My muscle mass had also increased greatly and my visceral fat (around the organs) has decreased. This is great as it is not solely concentrating on my weight loss but my general  well being and health. All of these measurements are taken on a weekly basis and as I attended more classes my  fitness levels increased, so it works hand in hand with watching your nutritional intake also. Your metabolic age will also be measured against your actual age; I was extremely happy to see that my metabolic age was 15 years younger than my actual age! Since finishing the course I have lost a further 1.3kg and will now check in with a weigh in with Sue on a monthly basis to see that I am still on track with my stats