Jack’s Journey


My journey with CrossFit Battlebox and started in May 2017.


It was a visit to L.A. at the start of last year that opened my eyes to how much fitness, physical activity and health should be an integral part to my everyday life and routine. It seemed to be something that every person, no matter what age, ability, background or experience engaged with.   

From someone that had never had an interest in fitness or attempted anything even close to the realm of CrossFit, I was pretty much as close to a beginner as you could get. A couple of friends had mentioned the CrossFit Games to me, I watched the documentaries and for what felt like an insanely bizarre move, I decided to book a class at CrossFit Battlebox. With a vast lack of knowledge, and the small amount I did have coming purely from what I had watched of the Games, it is fair to say I was rather nervous to attend.

Nine months on from my starting date I can’t cultivate enough praise and thanks to my coaches Sue and Paul for how much they have impacted my life, in and outside of the box. From the first workout I attended, the feeling of personal improvement has being continual. I have been taught the true value to my own physical capabilities and strength, repeatedly encouraged and for the first time in my life I am excited, inspired and authentically respect anyone that involves themselves with the sphere of fitness.

The Box isn’t a place where other people excelling beyond your current physical standards makes you feel deflated or embarrassed; it is inspiring and gratifying. Every single member is pushing themselves to the max, working and encouraging each other to hit their personal bests. CrossFit is a community and Battlebox is family within that.

Something that I didn’t anticipate when joining the gym was how improvement to my health would excel beyond my physical being. Anxiety and mental health has been an apparent aspect of my life for a few years now. CrossFit has become a lifestyle to me, as it already is to so many others around the world. When I walk into the Box, it is about me and the workout. For that next hour the barbell becomes my catalyst to fighting and striving to inner and physical excellence. Nothing else within me matters; for I am part of that class, workout and community for a much greater reason than to allow self-destructive thoughts.

Now, at the start of 2018 I am a Battlebox member to continue to prove that I, along with all the other members, will give everything I have, mentally and physically to show strength, fitness and capability. Ultimately succeeding beyond any set preconceived standards of self.