Welcome to CrossFit BattleBox

What is CrossFit? What will it do for me over traditional training methods?

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program.

The quickest, safest, and most effective way to train!
Fat loss, muscle gain, wellness, mobility, athleticism, whatever your
goal is, CrossFit will help you achieve and exceed it.

Our programming is not specialised, we design workouts and drills to
elicit a broad and optimal physical response in each of the 10 fitness
domains: cardio respiratory endurance;stamina; strength; flexibility;

power; speed; coordination; agility; balance and accuracy.

Our aim is to enhance an individuals competency at all physical tasks.

The workouts can be tough but are completely scaleable depending on the
individuals level of fitness.

A perfect blend of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and metabolicconditioning are used to increase capacity at controlling the body bothdynamically and statically whilst maximising strength to weight ratio, flexibility and development of power and control.
CrossFit teaches you how to move your body safely, effectively and
efficiently-The ultimate form of Crosstraining.
All coaching received at our facility is backed up with a comprehensive
nutritional assesment that is essential to your physical development and

CrossFit is a global online community which creates an inspiring,
educational platform to develop your physicality and reach your goals.
The workouts and drills that you participate in will be measured,
recorded and shared with the other boxes (CrossFit gyms’) around the

At Crossfit Battlebox you will not only find a great place to train but
be part of a fantastic intrinsic community of like-minded people to
support you in and out of ‘The Box’!