What is CrossFit Kids?

A Strength & Conditioning Program designed to maximize a child’s athletic potential. We teach our kids constantly varied movements that are scalable so suitable for any level and age, all children will be challenged just enough to see measurable results. We reward our kids after every class, praising them on their efforts -we want them to be excited about their fitness!

This is done by teaching the 10 general skills: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, accuracy and balance. In kids terms this is running, throwing, pushing, pulling, jumping, climbing, lifting

-In real life (e.g. nature, sport and work) the demand for the elements of physical fitness are never separated. ‘Segmented training leads to segmented capacity’

-Greg Glassman

Founder of CrossFit 

cf kids

Why CrossFit?

Children today seem to spend less time outside playing and more of their time is dictated by modern day technology and the lure of TV, Playstations, X-boxes. Obesity in our children is on the rise so in simple terms we need to get our kids MOVING!, adopting good eating habits and good nutrition for the rest of their lives.

The Crossfit Kids programme is modelled on the CrossFit template of ‘randomised, functional exercises performed at high intensity’ whilst accommodating the needs and requirements of children and teens-(the intensity will not be present until later on in the programming)

Foremost the WORKOUTS ARE FUN! We teach our children to have a love and passion for their physical fitness that will continue into their adult lives. We strive to develop their life skills; self-confidence, respect of others, teamwork, discipline, and integrity which will affect all areas of their lives

Our age groups:

CrossFit Kids aged 5-10

All the foundation movements are practiced in a 40-50 minute session with light resistance such as a pvc pipe and light dumbbells

Our Course run Term Time only

Due to current restrictions there are no CrossFit Kids classes for the remainder of 2020

CrossFit Teens aged 11-17

All the foundational movements are practiced in a 60 minute session. Gymnastic, resistance training using PVC pipes, dumbbells-leading up to heavier loads with Barbells depending on capacity

Our Course run Term Time only

Our next Course will Run for 8 weeks commencing  Saturday  31st October 2020 until Saturday 19th December 2020

at a cost of £85.00

(in advance of course commencing-click here to book)