Let’s Talk About Food

Why is it so often people fail in reaching there physical goals?

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to loose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance, without sound nutrition, meaning perfect fuel in the perfect amounts for your body, (remember everybody has differing requirements), you will not succeed.

Most of the gym goers that I have met over the years concentrate so hard on the type and frequency of there training with little or no regard to the food that they are eating. All too often the mindset is….I’m training hard so I can reward myself with high volumes of whatever food takes there fancy.

Unfortunately exercise alone cannot transform a persons appearance or performance. A good diet of fresh food with the correct levels of macronutrients, (carbs,proteins and fats) will help the individual to make huge progress in all physical endeavours.

‘You must eat yourself slim.’

All too often individuals that are on a weight loss program try to stop eating all together!! This is the WORST of all the approaches to nutrition.
This approach will cause 2 things to happen. Firstly your metabolism will grind to a halt, your body will begin to accelerate the process of laying body fat. Secondly, your body will begin breaking down lean tissue, (ketosis), to use as fuel, making you weaker and more vulnerable to injury and ultimately disease.

It is vital to maintain lean tissue at all times even if you are only performing light activities. Lean tissue includes muscle, ligaments, tendons, organs etc. A starvation diet has zero positive outcomes, especially if you are following an exercise regimen. Once you resume normal eating patterns, and everybody does eventually, you will have stalled your metabolism, which will cause very rapid weight gain. Welcome to the world of the yo yo dieters. This is a cycle that is very difficult to break. Your metabolism is your internal engine. Once this has been tampered with it rarely works with the same efficiency and consistency again. A very tough situation to put right. Also a very common situation we see in society today.

pyramidThe perfect diet consists of meat, fish, vegetables, seeds and nuts, fruits, a little starch and zero sugar.





sugarThat is zero processed sugar. This is the primary cause of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity…..I could go on and on! FAT IS NOT THE BAD GUY as the government seems to keep telling everybody over and over!!!!!!!!!
Natural sugars, fructose (fruit sugar) for example should be eaten in moderation, not excess.

There will be panic!! Where do I get my carbs? I must have carbs! The best sources of carbohydrate are veg, seeds, nuts, fruits, in that order.
If you are on a very high intensity exercise regimen then sugars should be consumed immediately after training only. Roughly 2 grams for every kilo of bodyweight seems to be the prescribed amount. Mix some fruit or juice in with your protein shake would be the quickest and most convenient way to consume post workout.

The next challenge that faces us once we have filled our diet with whole fresh foods is the quality of the fresh food you are eating. Mass produced foods, including meat and poultry have all sorts of nasty things done to them. The animals have growth accelerants, steroids, genetically modified feed, incarceration, to name but a few things, to deal with. That ain’t no happy cow!

grassThe animals, birds, fish that we eat have to swim, run, fly freely, eat the food they were designed to eat, and live a natural life to create the nutritious healthy meat that is so good for us.
A steak that is grass fed, free roaming and local to you will provide 3 times as much nutrition as a steak you buy from any supermarket. If you are eating supermarket produce, then eat it sparingly, if you are buying good quality meat from a local butcher, go for it!

We will have many discussions on nutrition in the future, going into lots more details to help you sort through all of the poor advice we are constantly being fed.

70-80% of your success in your training regime could come from your nutrition. Training itself is just the catalyst, whereas the nutrition is what causes all the magic to happen.

See you in class!