BattleBox begins!

I would like to begin today by introducing myself. My name is Paul Spelling, affiliate owner with my good friend Andy May.
I am a 22 year veteran in the fitness industry whose passion for his work has been completely rejuvinated thanks to my introduction and participation in CrossFit. As a youngster I was a very ambitious young tennis player who was fortunate enough to earn a spot on the team at an American University in California. My lofty ambitions as a tennis player sadly did not come to fruition. But my growing passion, perhaps influenced by the California lifestyle, was fitness. When I eventually decided to hang up my racquet I began getting fitness qualifications back here in the UK. My career began at The David Lloyds clubs in 1991. My retirement from full time tennis did not squash my competitive spirit. My athletic endeavours actually increased as I left my tennis career behind and began my new career in fitness.
As a trainer I always felt it was my job to inspire my client, set an example, show my client how I achieved my athletic goals. As a trainer I think it is very important to understand the process that you are asking your clients to go through. You, the trainer, has to know how it feels to aspire to physically improve yourself. Sadly, today, these qualities seem to be so lacking in many of our fitness professionals. It is simply not good enough to read a manual, pass an exam and then call yourself a personal trainer. I have never met a CrossFit instructor who falls into this category by the way.
Nowadays with the internet at everybody’s fingertips there is an abundance of MISinformation for all to see. I spend an awful lot of time trying to explain to my clients that there is no quick fix, no easy way, no one thing that you can do to flatten the stomach and get a six pack. All of these goals are achieved by applying yourself thoroughly and consistently to your training and having a disciplined approach to your diet. A body is built in the kitchen-but this is for another blog! 30,60 mins a day of training is no good at all if you are undoing all the good work done for the other 23 hours a day. A good trainer will teach you how to train correctly, consistently, eat well, rest and recover well.
We all have different lifestyles and jobs that have varying demands on our bodies and time, our job is to teach you how to navigate through all these challenges so as you can go about your life with optimum health and wellbeing. Modern life is so at odds with our biochemistry that it seems more and more people have no idea what health and wellbeing feels like.
So….my relationship with CrossFit began about 2 years ago. I was in the early stages of training for a mountain Ultra Marathon in the Lake District. I had made the decision to not go crazy with the long distance running, partly due to the time demands, but mainly due to some niggley injuries that I was struggling to shake off.   When you reach 40 years old you have to train smart. The body doesn’t heal as quickly as it once did. I decided to maintain a basic level of endurance with a couple of middle distance runs in Epping Forest per week and keep the remaining sessions focused on strength and met con/high intensity interval training. My relationship with CrossFit had begun. I did as much as I could in my own health club, before deciding I was serious about learning more and began training at a CrossFit box. My love for CrossFit was sealed. The sport of fitness was exactly what I needed professionally and physically. The rest is history. I am a passionate CrossFit instructor as well as a passionate CrossFitter myself. I am competitive and hope that I can one day compete at the highest level. My passion for teaching has returned. The results I am seeing with clients is inspiring me. CrossFit is in my opinion the most complete strength and conditioning program you can follow. This is backed up with solid, informative nutritional guidelines that are not made up by some fat dude sat at a desk. The CrossFit nutrition guidelines come with 2 million years of evidence to back them up.
Andy, Sue (my wife) and I are very proud and excited owners of CrossFit BattleBox in Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex. Swing by and see what it’s all about. We look forward to meeting you.
By the way the Ultra Marathon was a complete success. 3 out of 4 of my team finished the 80km event. Only 40% of the field completed the course. I’m pretty pleased with that!
CrossFit works!