Andy…my story



Hi, I wanted follow up from Paul’s first blog and introduce myself, My name is Andy May and I am joint affiliate owner with Paul Spelling of Crossfit BattleBox.

My story is a little different from Paul’s….

I have spent my whole career working in the City for Investment Banks and Brokers, although my formative  years were spent competing in Tennis. As I started working in London I lost interest in tennis and started the usual City boy lifestyle, late nights, bad diet and far too much alcohol. I was around 25 when I realised, it was either keep up the bad lifestyle or make a change and get fit!

I had seen Paul training in the gym and I knew he was also a Personal Training. I do believe as an instructor you should practice what you preach and it was obvious to me Paul took his training very seriously. I signed up to train with Paul and the rest is history. Since then we have done many endurance events and marathons together, proving how well we work together as a team and through this developed a very good friendship.

As the years passed our training paths moved in slightly different directions, Paul focused on his ultra marathon training regime and I worked towards a more traditional bodybuilding program. I competed in the Tough Mudder about 2 years ago. My trditional training had not prepared me for this event and I had not  realised how unfit I had become!  I asked Paul how I could improve my fitness but still work on weight lifting; this is where my addiction to Crossfit began! I had found the sport of fitness; to me Crossfit is the most complete training program around. I have not felt fitter or looked in better shape doing any other exercise programme. I am very different to Paul and still have a lot to learn, but I am determined to become the best athlete I can. Like a lot of our members I have the stress of balancing work life and keeping fit and I want to show that it is possible to do this following our program! Crossfit is something I am very passionate about and with the knowledge I have gained plus Paul’s extensive background  and experience in the fitness industry, I know every member will have great success if they were to join Crossfit BattleBox.

By becoming a member I hope you will also gain the benefits I have seen through Crossfit and spread the word!

See you in the ‘Box’ soon!